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Cloudbox to go - Sponsored

the digital
successor of
USB flash drive

Cloudbox to Go with the Cloudcard and
the app in an individual design is ideal for events,
trade shows, sales force, promotions, and also as
a customer card and advertisement.
It also offers a modern option to generate leads
and to stay in touch with the customers.

Cloudbox to go - Sponsored

The innovative
Give away
as a multiplier

With Cloudbox to Go, the classic USB flash drive is
replaced with the Cloudcard and thereby combines the
modern demands of mobility and device independence.
At the same time, the Cloudcard's and app´s design
is adjustable.

The added value for the customer:
He/she receives a full functioning
Cloudbox to Go Entry free of charge.

Upload your

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Easy access to your
content for everyone

2015-06-09 Sponsored Mann (NS)

The sponsoring folder

Distributing content
in an unique and
easy way

The central sponsoring folder in the
app offers the sponsor the option to
store his/her content, for example
gift cards, sweepstakes, brochures,
pictures and videos, and make it
available immediately and at any time
for all of their customers via the
Cloudbox to Go App.

The users are not able to delete
this folder and the sponsor
can add content during the
booked duration at any time.

Satisfied customers

Individually and in long-term
towards success

Infineon Technologies AG
Give away at in-house event

Satisfied costumers

innovative and eye-catching promotion

Love Island Festival
Give away in addition
to the ticket

in comparison with the USB flash drive

The right decision